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Welcome to our homepage. Feel free to explore the site. Read some more about us, see some screenshots and download the addons. See the how-to for installing the cars and elements and see who contributed to this project.

This is NOT a different game than GTA: Vice City and it is not intended for commercial distribution. It is just an addon developed by a few enthusiasts (and fans of this great game as well :) ).

It's aim is to bring more fun in the game (especially for romanians that can recognize local cars and buildings).

AND...there will be more. This is just the beginning. Watch this page for more updates and, in the near future, new voices and sounds adapted to the new graphics!!!

As this is a freeware project, we would appreciate any form of donation (visiting our sponsors or direct donation - for more details) to keep this project and idea alive. Thank you!

Rembember to shop at for the best gaming devices ;)

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